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    We get lots of questions, but here are the ones we get asked most frequently. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, send us a note or email We’ll get back to you right away!

    Why moose and bear?
    We're proudly a 100% Canadian-owned small business and thought two of the most iconic animals found in Canada, moose and bears, to be most fitting with our brand. Get to know our moose and bear:  

    Head shot of bear
    Bea the Bear
    – Bea (short for Beatrix) is found in Canada’s boreal forest. Bea the Bear is anything but ordinary. She’s friendly, caring and always up for a new adventure, especially one that takes her outside.

    head shot of moose
    Griff the Moose
    – Whimsical and never shy, Griff is strong and always kind—just like a moose should be! He’s also the life of the party, often staying up later than all the other moose in the forest.

    Love Bea and Griff? Check out our Bea the Bear and Griff the Moose bodysuits.

    How do I care for my LMB apparel?
    We recommend washing your apparel inside-out in cold water. Hang drying is best, but we understand you’re busy, so you can also tumble dry on low.

    What is ring spun cotton?
    Ring spun cotton is a more refined cotton than open-end yarn. Its fibers are softer, stronger and longer, which gives ring spun cotton a luxurious feel and makes it especially gentle for sensitive skin. Just as important, though, is that ring spun cotton is more durable than regular cotton. That means your Little Moose and Bear Co. apparel will last, so you can use it as hand-me downs for Baby’s siblings—or cousins and family friends.

    Where do you ship to?
    We ship across Canada with free shipping for orders over $75. See our shipping page for full details. Please note, we've temporarily stopped our world- wide shipping options due to Covid-19.

    Do you wholesale your apparel?
    Yes, wholesale options are available. Let’s have a chat to see how we can work together. Email

    What sizes are available?
    The following charts can be used as a size guide. 

    Baby Sizing 


    Baby’s age

    6 months

    3-6 months

    12 months

    6-12 months

    18 months

    12-24 months


    Kid Sizing

    Size Chest  Weight Estimates Approximate Age
    2 23" 25-27 lbs 2 years
    4 24" 28-36 lbs 3 - 4 years 
    6x 28" 37-55 lbs 4 - 6 years

    Still have questions about sizing? 
    Drop us a note